About Us

About Us


The Movements Agency

Imagine there was an agency that only works with heart aligned peoples and causes. McDonalds could never pay us enough to work for them because thats not what we are about here. We are by the people, for the people. An agency you can trust.

The Mission

We know fully well the attempts by certain groups of people to try and destroy our way of life and curtail the freedoms of humanity at large. 

We see their slick propaganda and flashy, websites, graphics and advertisements… we thought to ourselves, how can we do our part to counter this evil?

We play our part by serving the awake community. We assist people like you to bring your hopes, dreams and causes to their fullest potential.

The Vision

So many awesome people have brilliant projects, services and offerings that are missing the cutting edge needed to take advantage of the incredible abundance and opportunity of the digital worlds.

We at Awake Digital Services see a wonderful and exciting future for anyone who wishes to serve humanity with a heart aligned cause and is looking to  take advantage of the incredible period of the digital age.

Our History

Our founder, Travis Cook, has been awake since 2012. Right after waking up he began creating his first website, videos, articles and a very successful social media page.

Since then he has honed his skills and has firmly established himself as a household name in the scene.

Now working with him are a special force unit of digital soldiers ready to assist the awake community with everything you could ever need in the digital worlds.

Over 30+ Creations, Contributions And Collaborations

Ride The Wave

Dominate The Social Media Era

Speak to our sales team and get a free no obligation quote. We are available within office hours 10am-7pm Monday-Friday.

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